Ambassador Toolkit

To become an Ambassador for Laker's Day, select an initiative and click the "Advocate" button on that initiative's profile page!

Thank you for being part of our team by becoming an Ambassador! Ambassadors like you – who give to Roosevelt University and encourage others to do the same – will be key to ensuring LakersDay is a success.

Spreading the word is simple! Use the resources below to tell your family, classmates, and friends what Roosevelt means to you and get the word out to them about LakersDay. Copy and paste the sample email, text messaging, and social media templates to share on your own, and download graphics, cover photos, badges and more to include in your messages. Be sure to include a link to your Ambassador profile page, so you get credit for the gifts raised through your efforts! Every social media post, email, and text you share leading up to and on LakersDay will contribute to the success of LakersDay. 

Also, make sure to follow Roosevelt University on Facebook @RooseveltUniversity, Twitter @RoosveltU and Instagram @rooseveltu. Most importantly – HAVE FUN!